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Entries / Delo (Affair), journal, 1866-1888

Delo (Affair), journal, 1866-1888

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

DELO (Affair), a monthly journal, founded in 1866 by publisher and journalist G. Е. Blagosvetlov and replacing the suppressed Russkoe Slovo. With N. I. Shulgin as its nominal editor, the journal was virtually published and edited by Blagosvetlov until 1880. The journal's radical stance was attributed to the ideological content of the articles of its leading staff publicists P. N. Tkachev and N. V. Shelgunov. Among others N. F. Bazhin, G. I. Uspensky, F. M. Reshetnikov, D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak, L. I. Mechnikov, V. V. Bervi-Flerovsky contributed to the publication. Unlike most of the metropolitan publications Delo was subject to preliminary censoring. Upon Blagosvetlov's death in 1880 Shelgunov and K.M. Stanyukevich took over the editing, following their arrest and exile in 1884 the journal changed orientation causing a total change in the authorship. The publication was shut down in 1888 on account of a lack of subscribers.

References: Есин Б. И. Демократический журнал Дело. М., 1959; Бенина М. А. Журнал Дело в 1860-70-е гг.: (Эпоха Благосветлова) // Книжное дело в России во второй половине XIX - начале XX в.: Сб. науч. тр. Л., 1988. Вып. 3. С. 7-20.

A. B. Muratov.

Bazhin Nikolay Fedorovich
Bervi-Flerovsky Vasily Vasilievich (real name Bervi Wilhelm Wilhelmovich)
Blagosvetlov Grigory Evlampievich
Mamin-Sibiryak (real name Mamin) Dmitry Narkisovich
Mechnikov Lev Ilych
Reshetnikov Fedor Mikhailovich
Shelgunov Nikolay Vasilievich
Shulgin N.I.
Stanyukovich Konstantin Mikhailovich
Tkachev Peter Nikitich
Uspensky Gleb Ivanovich

Есин Б. И. Демократический журнал "Дело". М., 1959
Бенина М. А. Журнал "Дело" в 1860-70-е гг.: ( "Эпоха Благосветлова") // Книжное дело в России во второй половине XIX - начале XX в.: Сб. науч. тр. Л., 1988

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