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Entries / Skify (Scythians), almanac

Skify (Scythians), almanac

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SKIFY (Scythians), a literary collection. Under A. I. Ivanchin-Pisarev's, Ivanov-Razumnik's, S. D. Mstislavsky's editorship the year 1917 saw a publication of the first of the two released issues, followed in 1918 by the second under A. Bely's, Ivanov-Razumnik's and Mstislavsky's editorship, and published by the Scythians publishing house. The cover was designed by K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. The editorial office was accommodated in the book warehouse that belonged to М. М. Stasyulevich at 28 Fifth Line of Vasilievsky Island. The first issue contained the editor's letter signed Scythians on the opening page and was concluded by Ivanov-Razumnik's program articles Trial by Fire and Socialism and Revolution. The Skify published works of S. A. Esenin (poem Marfa the Mayoress and others), Andrey Bely (novel Kotik Letaev and Others), V. Y. Bryusov, М. М. Prishvin, А. М. Remizov (The Lament of the Downfall of the Russian Land and others), N. A. Klyuev, Е. I. Zamyatin (narrative Islanders) and others. The authors of the collection adhered to the so called Scythian ideology, which implied an ever burning revolutionary zeal in the fight against philistines and the petty bourgeoisie, the search of a new pandemic religious and spiritual (neo-christian) unity and belief in Russia's messianic role in bringing the western and eastern cultures together. The same group of writers, joined after October of 1917 by A. А. Blok, А. P. Chapygin et al., contributed to the literary section of the newspaper Znamya Truda (1917-18) and journal Nash Put (1918) - the Petrograd organ of the leftwing Social-Revolutionaries.

References: Очерки истории русской советской журналистики, 1917-1932. М., 1966. С. 21-24.

D. N. Cherdakov.

Bely Andrey (real name Bugaev Boris Nikolaevich)
Blok G.P.
Bryusov Valery Yakovlevich
Chapygin Alexey Pavlovich
Esenin Sergey Alexandrovich
Ivanchin-Pisarev Alexander Ivanovich
Ivanov-Razumnik (real name Razumnik Vasilievich Ivanov)
Klyuev Nikolay Alexeevich
Mstislavsky Sergey Dmitrievich (see Maslovsky S.D.)
Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma Sergeevich
Prishvin Mikhail Mikhailovich
Remizov Alexey Mikhailovich
Stasyulevich Mikhail Matveevich
Zamyatin Evgeny Ivanovich

5th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 28

Очерки истории русской советской журналистики, 1917-1932. М., 1966

Bely Andrey (1880-1934), writer

BELY Andrey (real name and family name Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev) (1880-1934), writer. He graduated from the Natural Sciences Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University (1903)

Forsh O.D. (1873-1961), writer

FORSH (nee Komarova) Olga Dmitrievna (1873-1961, Tyarlevo, near Pavlovsk), writer. Graduated from Nikolaevsky Orphane Girls' Institute in Moscow in 1891. She studied painting at various art schools, including the home studio of artist P.P

Ivanov-Razumnik R. V. (1878-1946), publicist, literary critic

IVANOV-RAZUMNIK (real name and family Razumnik Vasilievich Ivanov) (1878-1946) literary critic, sociologist, public and political figure. He came to St. Petersburg in the 1880s, studied at the First Petersburg gymnasium

Remizov A.M. (1877-1957), writer

REMIZOV Alexey Mikhailovich (1877-1957), writer. In 1896-97 he studied at the department of natural sciences of the Mathematical Faculty of the University of Moscow. He was expelled for the participation in a student’s demonstration and was exiled