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Entries / Koster (The Bonfire), journal

Koster (The Bonfire), journal

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

KOSTER (The Bonfire) (1/20 Mytninskaya Street), a monthly illustrated literary journal for children and adolescents founded as part of the Children's Literature Publishing House, circulated from July of 1936 until 1946 (from 1942 to 1944, 15 issues were released), in July of 1956 publication was resumed. Throughout its history it operated as the organ of the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League Central Committee; All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League Central Committee and the USSR Union of Writers and some other bodies. Among others S. Y. Marshak, K. I. Chukovsky, Olga Bergholz, U. P. German, Е. L. Schwarz, L. V. Uspensky, K. G. Paustovsky, Е. I. Charushin, V. V. Bianki, Мikhail Zoshchenko, L. Panteleev, V. V. Golovyakin, artists V. M. Konashevich, N. A. Tyrsa, A. F. Pakhomov contributed to the journal. It was the Koster which first published some of works by foreign children's writers such as Giani Rodari, Astrid Lindgren et al. In 2002 it circulated as a monthly illustrated journal for school children under N. B. Kharlampiev's editorship. The journal published literary works, educational material, including that on St. Petersburg's history, art sketches, humor, readers' letters, organised quizzes and competitions, etc. At different times the editorial office was located in the House of Books; at 2 Lassalya Street (from 1940 Brodskogo Street, presently Mikhaylovskaya Street); 6 Kutuzova Embankment. In 2001 an electronic version of the journal was launched on the Internet.

D. N. Cherdakov.

Bergholz Olga Fedorovna
Bianki Vitaly Valentinovich
Charushin Evgeny Ivanovich
Chukovsky Korney Ivanovich
German Yury Pavlovich
Golyavkin Viktor Vladimirovich
Kharlampiev Nikolay Borisovich
Konashevich Vladimir Mikhailovich
Lindgren Astrid
Marshak Samuil Yakovlevich
Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich
Panteleev L. (real name Eremeev Alexey Ivanovich)
Paustovsky Konstantin Georgievich
Rodari Gianni
Schwarz Evgeny Lvovich
Tyrsa Nikolay Andreevich
Uspensky Lev Vasilievich
Zoschenko Mikhail Mikhailovich

Kutuzova Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 6
Mikhailovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 2
Mytninskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 1/20

The subject Index
Children's Literature, the Leningrad Department of the Publishing House

Literary journals (entry)

LITERARY JOURNALS. The genesis of the Russian literary journalism is associated with St. Petersburg, where in 1728-36 and 1738-42 circulated first and only journal in the Russian language at that time - Primechaniya k Vedomostyam (the name changed)

Pakhomov A.F., (1900-1973), Artist

PAKHOMOV Alexey Fedorovich (1900-1973, Leningrad) graphic artist, painter, people's artist of the USSR (1971), full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1964). Lived in Petrograd from 1915

Panteleev L. (1908-1989), writer

PANTELEEV L. (real name Eremeev Alexey Ivanovich) (1908, St. Petersburg - 1989, Leningrad), writer. He was born at 140 Fontanka River Embankment (the building has not been preserved) in the family of an officer, who was granted a hereditary title