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Entries / Kuprin A.I. (1870-1938), writer

Kuprin A.I. (1870-1938), writer

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Personalia

KUPRIN Alexander Ivanovich (1870-1938, Leningrad), writer. In 1890 graduated from Moscow Alexandrovsky Military School. Served in the Army; in 1894 retired. From 1901 lived in St. Petersburg. The Head of the Fiction Section of the Zhurnal dlya vsekh, his works were published in Petersburg journals Mir Bozhy, Zhupel, Signaly, in newspapers Rus, Nasha zhizn. He contributed to Znanie Publishing House, and after October 1917 - to World Literature Publishing House. From 1919 he lived abroad (mainly in Paris). Kuprin is the adherent of the 19th century classical literature traditions. His prose is marked by the involved storylines, dynamic plot, the tenseness of the conflict and the portrayal of characters' subconscious depth. Many Kuprin's works are set in St. Petersburg: short stories Lilac Bush (1894), White Nights (1904), Black Fog, An Accident in Petersburg (1905), Staff-Captain Rybnikov (1906), etc.; novel Janet (1932-33), short stories One-Armed Commandant (1923), The Cupola of St. Isaac of Dalmat (1928), The Guest of Honour from Narovchat (1933) and other works written in France. Depicting the city he combines romantic and naturalistic traditions. In 1902-07 he lived in St. Petersburg at 7 Razyezzhaya Street; in 1911-19 in Gatchina at 19a Elizavetinskaya Street (the building has not been preserved, the lot of the modern building 21 Dostoevskogo Street; memorial plaque). In 1937 the terminally ill Kuprin returned to his native land and settled in Leningrad at 10 Marata Street, then at 61 Lesnoy Avenue. Buried in Literatorskie Mostki. A Street in Gatchina was named after Kuprin.

Reference: Фонякова Н. Н. Куприн в Петербурге - Ленинграде. Л., 1986.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich

Dostoevskogo Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 21
Lesnaya Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 61
Marata St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 10
Razyezzhaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 7

Фонякова Н. Н. Куприн в Петербурге - Ленинграде. Л., 1986

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