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Entries / Griboedov A.S. (1794 or 1795 – 1829), writer, diplomat

Griboedov A.S. (1794 or 1795 – 1829), writer, diplomat

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GRIBOEDOV Alexander Sergeevich (1794 or 1795-1829), writer, musician and diplomat. Held the rank of civil counsellor and was a Minister Resident in Persia (1828). Griboedov graduated from the Faculty of Philology and Faculty of Law at Moscow University in 1812. He resided in St. Petersburg only in 1815-18 (his first plays were published here), and his impressions of the city were reflected in his letters. From 1817, he held a post at the Collegium of Foreign Affairs. He came to St. Petersburg in 1824-25, when he was on leave, and that time brought with him a newly-completed comedy Wit Works Grief. Some scenes from the comedy were published in F.V. Bulgarin's periodical Russian Thalia (1825), and its complete text spread throughout St. Petersburg, capturing the attention of all intellectuals. Some scenes from the comedy were staged at the Bolshoy Theatre in 1829. In 1826, Griboedov was remanded to St. Petersburg on account of the Decembrists' Affair, and kept in the guardhouse of the General Staff (10 Palace Square), to be later acquitted and released. In 1828, he celebrated his triumphal return to St. Petersburg with the text of the Treaty of Turkmanchai (between the Persian and Russian Empire), which was signed with his assistance. He took an active part in the capital's literary and theatrical life; in 1824, he was elected a member of the Free Society for Friends of Russian Philology. Griboedov was an associate of Prince A.A. Shakhovskoy's and P.A. Katenin's, and was closely connected with many Decembrists, whom he met in 1824 at the residence of Prince A.I. Odoevsky (Pogodin House, 5 Torgovaya Street; present-day Soyuza Pechatnikov Street). He met Alexander Pushkin at Demut's Inn and listened to Pushkin's reading of Boris Godunov at the salon of Countess A.G. Laval (see Laval's House). In St. Petersburg he mainly lived at the Valkh Residence (1816-18), at 104 Ekaterininsky Canal Embankment (since 1923, Griboedova Canal Embankment); at Demut's Inn, 40 Moika River Embankment (1824, 1828); ath the Kosikovsky Residence, 14 Bolshaya Morskaya Street (1828; memorial plaque). Griboedov's name was also given to a street in Strelna, and to the Central District's School No. 203. A monument to Griboedov was set up on Pionerskaya Square in 1959 (sculptor V.V. Lishev, architect V.I. Yakovlev).

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D. N. Cherdakov.

Bulgarin Faddei Venediktovich
Griboedov Alexander Sergeevich
Katenin Pavel Alexandrovich
Kosikovsky Andrey Ivanovich
Laval Alexandra Grigoryevna, Countess
Lishev Vsevolod Vsevolodovich
Odoevsky Alexander Ivanovich
Pogodin V.V.
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Shakhovskoy Alexander Alexandrovich
Valkh (Valk)
Yakovlev Vsevolod Ivanovich

Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 14
Griboedova Canal Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 104
Griboedova St./Strelna, village
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 40

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