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Entries / Baratynsky E.A. (1800-1844), poet

Baratynsky E.A. (1800-1844), poet

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BARATYNSKY Evgeny Abramovich (1800-1844), poet. In 1812-16 he was educated in the Page Corps. In 1816 he was expelled for misbehaviour (a theft) without the right to serve and went to Smolenskaya Province. In 1818 he returned to St. Petersburg, in 1819 was enlisted as a common soldier in the Yegersky Life Guards Regiment, in 1820 he was made a non-commissioned officer, transferred to Neishlotsky Infantry Regiment, located in Finland. He often visited St. Petersburg with the regiment and during vacations, participated actively in literary life: a member of the Free Society for Lovers of Russian Literature (from 1820), permanent guest of Ponomareva Peter and literature meetings at A.F. Voeykov, together with A.A. Delwig and W.K. Kuchelbecker formed Union of Poets Literary Group, knew A.S.Pushkin well. He was published in Blagonamerenny, Syn Otechestva journals, Polyarnaya Zvezda, Severnye Tsvety, and other almanacs. In 1826 he retired with the rank of warrant officer and settled in Moscow, visited St. Petersburg several times more in the 1840s on his way to journeys abroad. Wrote in philosophic elegy genre created by Baratynsky inheriting classicism and, at the same time, influenced considerably the following Russian poetry from F.I. Tutchev to I.A. Brodsky. The most famous poems of Baratynsky - The Feasts, Eda (both in 1826), The Ball (1828) were published as separate editions. He lived in St. Petersburg at 26 Sadovaya Street (the Page Corps), Ruzovskaya Street (the house has not been preserved), 7 St. Isaac's Square, 6 Nikolskaya Square. He died in Naples, and was reburied in Tikhvinskoe Cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra in 1845.

References: Шубин В. Ф. Поэты пушкинского Петербурга, Л., 1985. С. 47-68; Летопись жизни и творчества Е. А. Боратынского. М., 1998.

D. N. Akhapkin.

Baratynsky Evgeny Abramovich
Brodsky Iosif Alexandrovich
Delwig Anton Antonovich
Kuchelbecker Wilhelm Karlovich
Ponomareva Sofia Dmitrievna
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Tyutchev Fedor Ivanovich
Voeykov Alexander Fedorovich

Nikolskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 6
Ruzovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 26
St.Isaac's Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 7

Летопись жизни и творчества Е. А. Боратынского. М., 1998
Шубин В. Ф. Поэты пушкинского Петербурга. Л., 1985

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