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Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel

Categories / City Services/Housing and Communal Services

CORINTHIA NEVSKIJ PALACE (57 Nevsky Prospect). Constructed as an apartment house in 1861-62, with a previously existing building included into the design (architect A.I. Lange) In 1913-14, it was rebuilt to be the Tsesarevitch Nicholas Vocational School's apartment house (architect V.N. Bobrov). Until 1917, the building housed the Ampir Cinema. The Hermes Hotel was established here in 1920-57 (renamed Baltiiskaya in 1958). In 1989-93, the building was reconstructed (architect Y.I. Zemtsov and others); in May 1993, the Nevskij Palace Hotel was opened. The building at 8 Stremyannaya Street was also included in the hotel complex (1834, architect M.I. Lange; rebuilt in 1858, architect I.I. Zim). From September 1997, the hotel was known as the Sheraton Nevskij Palace; the hotel acquired its present name in January 2002. The hotel has 282 guestrooms, four restaurants (the Imperial, the Admiralty, the Beerstube, and the Landskrona, winner of the 2002 Best St. Petersburg Restaurant Award), the Vienna Cafe, six conference halls, a health centre, a business centre, a shopping mall and an art salon. The complex includes the Samoylov Family Memorial Apartment. Celebrities who have stayed at the hotel include G.P. Vishnevskaya, M.L. Rostropovich, I.K. Arhipova, prince Michael of Kent, and Olympic champion C. Lewis (USA). The hotel belongs to the international chain Corinthia Hotels.

Reference: Фролов В. А. "Невский палас" // Регион. 1993. № 0. С. 74-75.

I. A. Bogdanov.

Arkhipova Irina Konstantinovna
Bobrov Viktor Nikanorovich
Lange Avgust (Augusto) Ivanovich
Lange Modest Ferdinandovich
Lewis Karl
Michael of Kent, Prince
Rostropovich Mstislav Leopoldovich
Vishnevskaya Galina Pavlovna
Zemtsov Yury Isaevich
Zim Iogann Ivanovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 57

Фролов В. А. "Невский палас" // Регион, 1993


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