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Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

Categories / City Services/Housing and Communal Services

RADISSON SAS ROYAL HOTEL (49 Nevsky Prospect / 2 Vladimirsky Avenue). Opened on 23 August 2001. In the 1730s, a wooden building on a stone foundation was constructed on this land plot. In 1790, it was replaced by a 3-story apartment building in the style of Classicism. The first floor was leased to owners of small shops, taverns and drinking establishments. In 1837-38, the fourth floor was added on, and its outbuildings grew to five floors (architect V.P. Stasov). In 1828-29, and in 1851-52, M.I. Glinka lived there; in 1840-41, N.A. Nekrasov resided there as well. Circa the 1860s, the building was remodelled to accommodate the Moscow Hotel, and in 1880, it was reconstructed into the A.M. Ushakov Hotel (architect P.Y. Suzor). The Moscow Restaurant was opened on the second floor, and a cafe was located on the first floor. A. P. Chekhov stayed at the hotel. In 1903, a shop (architect V.V. Chaplin) was opened in a corner section of the building. In the late 1920s, the hotel was closed down, but the restaurant continued operating, and featured a Gypsy Choir and a Jazz Band. After reconstruction in 1962-64, a considerable part of the premises was occupied by the Moscow Restaurant. In the 1960-80s, the restaurant cafe became the meeting place of Leningrad's youth subculture (see Saigon). In 1998-2002, the building was totally renovated (architect R.M. Dayanov and others). Today, the hotel includes 164 guestrooms, the Canelle Bar, and the Barbazan Restaurant. Prominent figures which have stayed at the hotel include King Gustav and Queen Sylvia of Sweden, French actor P. Richard, chess player G.K. Kasparov, film director N.S. Mikhalkov.

I. A. Bogdanov.

Chaplin Vladimir Viktorovich
Chekhov Anton Pavlovich
Dayanov Rafael Maratovich
Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich
Karl XVI Gustaf, King
Kasparov Garry Kimovich
Mikhalkov Nikita Sergeevich
Nekrasov Nikolay Alexeevich
Richard Pierre
Stasov Vasily Petrovich
Suzor Pavel Yulievich
Ushakov Abram Mikhailovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 49
Vladimirsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

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SAIGON. The restaurant Moscow, whose informal name was Saigon, existed in the 1960-80s (49 Nevsky Prospect; its second informal name was Moscow Region). Opened in 1964, the cafe soon became a meeting place for Leningrad youth subcultures