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Entries / Khrapovitsky M.E. governor-general in 1846-47

Khrapovitsky M.E. governor-general in 1846-47

Categories / City Administration/Personalia

KHRAPOVITSKY Matvey Evgrafovich (1784-1847, St. Petersburg), statesman and combat leader, infantry general (1831), adjutant-general (1816). He was educated in the Gentry Army Cadet corps school in St. Petersburg. In 1799 he was appointed a chamber-page by Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, he took part in Italian and Swiss campaigns led by A.V. Suvorov. Later on, Khrapovitsky served in the guards; during the campaign of 1805 he excelled at Austerlitz. He also took part in the Russian-French wars of 1806-07 and 1812-14. In 1818-30, the officer-in-chief of the 3rd grenadier division, in 1830-31, provisional military governor in Vilno and Grodno. Since 1839 a chairman of the Board of Trustees of Public Assistance Establishments in St. Petersburg, since 1846 St. Petersburg governor-general and a member of State Council. In St. Petersburg Khrapovitsky owned a house on 22Gagarinskaya Embankment. He was buried in Troitse-Serghieva Hermitage (the tomb not preserved).

References: Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская и полицейская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001. С. 122-125.

D. N. Shilov.

Khrapovitsky Matvey Evgrafovich
Konstantin Pavlovich, Grand Prince
Suvorov Alexander Arkadievich, Count

Kutuzova Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 22

Длуголенский Я. Н. Военно-гражданская власть Санкт-Петербурга, 1703-1917. СПб., 2001

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