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Entries / Gnedich T.G. (1907-1976), writer

Gnedich T.G. (1907-1976), writer

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GNEDICH Tatyana Grigorievna (1907-1976, town Pushkin) writer, translator, PhD (philology,1941). She was a great-great-grand-nephew of N. I. Gnedich. She lived in Leningrad from 1926. She graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of the Leningrad Institute of History, Philosophy and Linguistics (1934), from 1939, she taught foreign languages at the First Institute of Foreign Languages. From May 1942, she was a translator at the Leningrad Headquarters of Partisans" Movement. In 1943-44, she was a lecturer and a dean of the faculty of literature at the Herzen Leningrad State Teacher"s Training Institute. In December 1944 she was arrested on a fabricated charge, she was set free in June 1946. Her main work is the translation of the poem by G. Byron Don Juan (1947) which served as a basis for the scenic performance in the Leningrad Comedy Theatre under the supervision of N. P. Akimov (1962). She translated the poem by V. M. Inber Pulkovsky Meridian and other poems by Soviet poets into English; novels by G. Healand Harman and Warms and Fortune (1958), comedies Troilus and Cressida by W. Shakespeare and Bartholomews Fair by Ben Jonson, poems by G. Ibsen, H. Sachs et al. were translated by her into Russian. In the 1950s-60s, she was in charge of seminars for young translators in Leningrad. In the years of the war she lived on 63 Sadovaya Street, she spent her last years in the town Pushkin (8 Dvortsovaya Street; the memorial plaque); she was buried there in Kazanskoe cemetery.

References: Усова Г. И. Байрона в соавторы возьму: Книга о Татьяне Григорьевне Гнедич. СПб., 2003.

E. V. Rusakova.

Akimov Nikolay Pavlovich
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Gnedich Nikolay Ivanovich
Gnedich Tatyana Grigorievna
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Dvortsovaya Street/Pushkin, town, house 8
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