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Entries / Kakhovsky P.G. (1797-1826), Decembrist

Kakhovsky P.G. (1797-1826), Decembrist

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

KAKHOVSKY Peter Grigorievich (1799 - 1826), Decembrist, retired poruchik (lieutenant). Educated at Moscow University Boarding School. From March 1816 served as a cadet in the Chasseur Life Guard Regiment of St. Petersburg, in the same year he was demoted and sent to Caucasus Corps. Retired in 1821. In December 1824 came to St. Petersburg, in 1825 was introduced by K.F. Ryleev to the Northern Society, and established its cell in Grenadier Life Guard Regiment. An active participant of the preparation of the insurrection of 14 December 1825 on the Senate Square. In the course of the insurrection he shot and killed Petersburg Governor-General M.A. Miloradovich and Colonel N.K. Styurler of the Grenadier Life Guard Regiment but was himself wounded with a dagger by Staff-Captain P.A. Gastfer of the Retinue of His Imperial Majesty. Kakhovsky was arrested 15 December 1825, committed to Peter and Paul Fortress (was kept in Golovkin Bastion, Nikolskaya and Kronverkskaya Curtains). The Supreme Criminal Court sentenced him to death by hanging and he was executed on 13 July 1826 on the Wall of the Kronverk of Peter and Paul Fortress. Monuments were placed on the execution ground of Kakhovsky and four other Decembrists and their probable burial place on Decembrists' Island. Former Golodaevsky Lane was renamed after Kakhovsky in 1940.

Reference: Петербург декабристов. СПб., 2000 (ук.).

A. D. Margolis.

Gastfer Pavel Antonovich
Kakhovsky Peter Grigorievich
Miloradovich Mikhail Andreevich
Ryleev Kondraty Fedorovich
Styurler Nikolay Karlovich

Dekabristov Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Kakhovsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city

Петербург декабристов / Сост. А.Д.Марголис. СПб., 2000

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