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Entries / Tkachev P.N. (1844-1885/86), revolutionary, publisist

Tkachev P.N. (1844-1885/86), revolutionary, publisist

Categories / Social Life/Personalia

TKACHEV Peter Nikitich (1844-1885), participant of the revolutionary movement, literary critic, publicist, one of the ideologists of revolutionary Narodnichestvo (Populism). From 1851 lived with his family in St. Petersburg. In the mid-1850s entered the Second Petersburg Gymnasium; without finishing the course, in 1861 transferred to the Faculty of Law at Petersburg University. He was arrested several times for taking part in students' disorders, kept in Kronstadt Fortress and Ss. Peter-and-Paul Fortress. In 1868 took an external university degree. In 1862-65 contributed to Vremya, Epoch, Yuridicheky Vestnik and other journals, from 1865, contributed to Russkoe Slovo journal, from 1866 - worked for Delo journal (one of the leading publicists, published his works under various pen-names). In 1866-69 - an assistant of a juror attorney in the Circuit Court. In 1868-69 he and S.G. Nechaev headed the radical wing of a student movement. In 1869 he was arrested in connection with the Nechaev Case, in 1871 sentenced to imprisonment, in 1872 exiled to Velikie Luki. In 1873 with the assistance of members of Chaykovsky Circle Tkachev escaped abroad. In 1874 joined the circle of Russian-Polish emigrants, disputed with P.L. Lavrov, M.A. Bakunin and their followers, on the pages of Nabat journal founded with his assistance he proved the necessity of the creation of a conspiratorial revolutionary organisation to seize control of the Government, establish a dictatorship and subsequently to carry out socialistic reforms. In the early 1880s held cooperation negotiations with Executive Committee of People's Will, which failed. Shortly afterwards went down with a mental disorder. Died in Paris.

References: Шахматов Б. М. П. Н. Ткачев: Этюды к творч. портрету. М., 1981; Рудницкая Е. Л. Русский бланкизм: Петр Ткачев. М., 1992.

Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Bakunin Mikhail Alexandrovich
Lavrov Peter Lavrovich
Tkachev Peter Nikitich

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