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Entries / Byloe (The Olden Times), journal

Byloe (The Olden Times), journal

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BYLOE (The Olden Times), a monthly journal on the history of the liberation movement in Russia, the first legal journal on this subject in the country. It came out from 1906-07 and 1917-26 with a circulation of approximately 30,000 in 1906-07. The publishing house and editorial office were consecutively situated at Spasskaya Street (today 25 Ryleeva Street), 19 Znamenskaya Street (today Vosstaniya Street), 21 Liteiny Avenue. Entrepreneur N. E. Paramonov was publisher; historians V. Y. Bogucharsky, P. E. Shchegolev and V. L. Burtsev (only formally took part in the publishing) were editors. The journal published articles and materials on the history of the social movement in Russia from the 18th century until the Revolution of 1905-07, as well as memoirs of its participants (with the majority of the materials on the revolutionary and social movement of the 1860s-80s). The journals were continually censored and upon the tenth edition release (22nd) in 1907 it was suppressed. The collection Nasha Strana appeared instead of the 11th and 12th editions for 1907. In 1908 the Minuvshie Gody appeared in place of the Byloe (12 editions). In July 1917 the edition was resumed by a co-operative publishing house of the same name (1917-27), which published besides the journal over 50 books on the historic revolutionary subject, based predominantly on archival materials. In 1917 - Shchegolev, Burtsev, V. V. Vodovozov, Е. V.Tarle were editors and from 1918, Shchegolev. From 1917 - early 1926 over 35 editions with a circulation of about 6,000 were published, with most of the materials devoted to the revolutionary movement in the 20th century (including that in St. Petersburg). Quite a number of materials were banned by Soviet censorship, which kept a jealous eye on the journal's orientation. Editions 36 and 37 did not come out (published in 1991). The publications of the Byloe laid the foundation for a source of Russian 19th century revolutionary and social movement historical study.

References: Лурье Ф. М. Хранители прошлого: Журнал Былое: История, редакторы, издатели. Л., 1990.

B. I. Yuryev.

Bogucharsky Vasily Yakovlevich
Burtsev Vladimir Lvovich
Paramonov Nikolay Elpifidorovich
Shchegolev Pavel Eliseevich
Tarle Evgeny Viktorovich
Vodovozov Vasily Vasilievich

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 21
Ryleeva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 25
Vosstaniya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 19

Лурье Ф. М. Хранители прошлого: Журн. "Былое": история, редакторы, издатели. Л., 1990

Saint Petersburg Literature and Arts Archives

SAINT PETERSBURG LITERATURE AND ARTS ARCHIVES, Central State (TsGALI SPb) (34 Shpalernaya Street), formed in 1969 on the base of the Central State Archives of the October Revolution of Leningrad

Shchegolev P.Е. (1877-1931), historian

SHCHEGOLEV Pavel Eliseevich (1877-1931, Leningrad), literary critic, historian, archaeographer and essayist. He entered two faculties of Petersburg University simultaneously in 1895 - the Oriental Faculty and Faculty of History and Philology - but

Tarle E.V., (1874-1955), historian

TARLE Evgeny Viktorovich (1874-1955), historian, member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1927). He graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Kiev University in 1896. In 1901, he moved to St. Petersburg