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Leningrad Popular Front

Categories / Social Life/Political Parties and Organizations

LENINGRAD POPULAR FRONT was the most numerous (with some 7,000 participants) social and political union of Leningrad of the period of Perestroika. The organization was established at the congress held on 17-18 June 1989. Among its founding organizations were the Organization For Popular Front, Perestroika Club, Memorial Society, and support groups in factories and in city districts.. N.M. Lutsenko, M.E. Salye, M.M. Chulaki and others were elected to the Coordinating Council of Leningrad Popular Front. In the Manifesto approved in the congress, the Leningrad Popular Front was called the Movement for Democracy, civil liberties and radical economic reforms. Leningrad Popular Front participated in the formation of the Democratic Elections - 90 block, its candidates won in the elections to Leningrad Soviet in 1990 (with 138 representatives of Leningrad Popular Front among them). In 1991, many leaders of Leningrad Popular Front were elected to bodies of representative and executive authority, a considerable part of its members joined new All-Russian parties and movements (Democratic Russia etc.), and Leningrad Popular Front discontinued its activities. The attempt to revive the Leningrad Popular Front undertaken in 1998 had no success.

References: Винников А. Я. Цена свободы. СПб., 1998. С. 68-88.

V. E. Dolinin.

Chulaki Mikhail Mikhailovich
Lutsenko Nikolay Maximovich
Salye Marina Evgenievna

Винников А. Я. Цена свободы. СПб., 1998

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