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Entries / Essen N.O. (1860-1915), Admiral

Essen N.O. (1860-1915), Admiral

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ESSEN Nikolay Ottovich (1860-1915) Admiral (1913). Graduated with honours from the Naval Cadet School (1880) and completed the admiralty course of the Nikolaevskaya Naval Academy (1891). In 1893-97, was assigned to the Pacific, and in 1897-1902, to the Mediterranean Squadron. Holding command of the flagship of a destroyer squadron, Slavyanka steamship, taught theoretical mechanics and deviation at the Naval School. In 1902, again found himself in the Far East, participating in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05, was given command of Novik, a second rank cruiser and ironclad Sevastopol ship in Port Arthur. After the return from captivity was appointed commander of the 20th Naval Depot and head of the Strategic Section of the Naval Academic Department of the General Navy Staff. In 1906-07 was in command of a mine cruiser in the Baltic Fleet. In 1907 was assigned to His Imperial Majesty's Retinue. In 1908 held command of the 1st Mine Division (raised from a mine-cruiser squadron), in the autumn of the same year was appointed Chief of Combined Troops. In 1909-14, Essen supervised combat training of the Baltic Fleet. From the beginning of WW I of 1914-18 was in command of the Baltic Fleet. Died on 7 May 1915 in Reval (present day Tallinn), buried in Petrograd, at Novodevichie Cemetery.

References: Цветков И. Ф. Адмирал Н. О. фон Эссен - командующий Балтийским флотом накануне и в период Первой мировой войны // Немцы в России: Люди и судьбы: Сб. ст. СПб., 1998. С. 183-188.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Essen Nikolay Ottovich

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