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Entries / Levchenko G.I, (1897-1981), Admiral

Levchenko G.I, (1897-1981), Admiral

Categories / Army. Navy/Personalia

LEVCHENKO Gordey Ivanovich (1897-1981), Admiral (1944). From 1913 served in the Baltic Fleet. Graduated from the Naval Cadet School (1914), completed Courses of Artillery Corporals in Kronstadt (1916), and the Naval Officers’ School (1922; 17 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, memorial plaque), as well as the artillery class of the Special Courses for Officers of the Naval Forces of the Revolutionary Committee of the Red Army (1925), and Advanced Training Courses for High-Ranking Officers of the Naval Academy (1930). In 1917, he was secretary and chairman of the Zabiyaka destroyer ship's Committee; in October took part in the capture of the Winter Palace, defended Petrograd from the army of General N.N. Yudenich (1919), the suppression of the anti-bolshevistic uprising in Kronstadt (1921) commanded the artillery battery at Krasnaya Gorka. In 1922-31 Levchenko was in command of various ships of the Baltic Fleet, in 1932, commander and commissar of the training ships detachment of the Baltic Fleet Naval Forces. In 1933-35 Levchenko served as Commander and Military Commissar of the Battleship Brigade of the Baltic Fleet, after the death of the B-3 submarine at training manoeuvres, he was dismissed from office and transferred to the Black Sea Fleet. In 1937, he was Chief of Staff, and in 1938-39, Commander of the Baltic Fleet. In 1938, he was appointed member of the General Military Council of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Fleet; from April 1939, served as Deputy People's Commissar of the Navy. In 1941, Levchenko was appointed representative of the People's Commissariat of the Navy of the Black Sea Fleet. After the advancement of the German army in the Crimea was dismissed from the post, and degraded to Captain. In 1942, he was in command of the Leningrad Naval Base, and in 1942-44 – of Kronstadt Naval Base. From April 1944, he was Deputy People's Commissar of the Navy. From 1950, held inspectorate positions within the Defence Ministry of the USSR; retired in 1960.

Reference: Евграфов Б. Адмирал Левченко: (к 90-летию со дня рождения) // Мор. сб. 1987. № 2. С. 60-61.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Levchenko Vladimir Fedorovich
Yudenich Nikolay Nikolaevich

Leitenanta Schmidta Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

Евграфов Б. Адмирал Левченко: (к 90-летию со дня рождения) // Мор. сб., 1987

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