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Botik of Peter the Great

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BOTIK OF PETER THE GREAT, botik (little boat) named “The St. Nicholas,” constructed in England in the 1640s, had belonged to the grandfather of Tsar Peter the Great, boyar N.I. Romanov. It was discovered by Peter in 1688 in the village of Izmailovo by Moscow, restored and repaired by craftsman K. Brandt. Aboard the boat, Peter mastered the basics of sailing. In 1701-22 the botik was reposited in Moscow Kremlin, in May 1723 transported to St. Petersburg, where on 30-31.5.1723 in a great pomp the boat was celebrated as the Grandfather of the Russian fleet. 11.8.1723 aboard the botik, Emperor Peter the Great held a review of the ships of the Baltic Fleet. From 1723 the botik was kept in the Kronverk of Peter and Paul Fortress, and from 1761 it was kept on the territory of the fortress in a special pavilion - Boat House (Botny Dom) (1762-65, architect A. F. Wist), in 1928-40 the boat was moved to Peterhof, from September 1940 it has been exhibited in the Military Naval Museum.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Петропавловская крепость

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