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GARRISON of St.Petersburg, troops, stationed in St. Petersburg, under the joint command and assigned with functions of protecting and defending the city. The term garrison also implies a military administrative structure, carrying out military administration, exercising service and disciplinary control over the army, military institutions and organisations, located in St. Petersburg, and the military personnel, temporarily stationed on its territory, in wartime and emergency situations, ensuring maintenance of martial law or a state of siege regime in St. Petersburg. Garrisons emerged with the foundation of the city and consisted of troops, suborned to the Chief Commandant of St. Petersburg. From the 1720s the term "garrison" implied troops permanently quartered in St. Petersburg . Under Emperor Pavel I the Garrison Commandant's Office was established, and legislative regulations on the organisation of the Garrison were enforced. The military administration of the Garrison is carried out by the army commander of the St. Petersburg garrison (headquartered in the former building of the Guards Corps Staff), administrative government and disciplinary control - by the Garrison Commandant's office (3 Sadovaya Street).

Reference: Петербург военный XVIII - XIX веков: [Сб.]. М., 2003.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 3

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