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Entries / Mikhail Pavlovich, Grand Prince (1798-1849)

Mikhail Pavlovich, Grand Prince (1798-1849)

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MIKHAIL PAVLOVICH (1798, St. Petersburg – 1849), Grand Prince, Adjutant General (1831), member of the State Council (1825), Senator (1834), Honorary Member of the Imperial Military Academy (1832). The younger son of Emperor Pavel I, married (from 1823) to a princess of Wurttemberg, who adopted the name of Elena Pavlovna. By birth was granted the rank of Feldzeichhmeister General. Was brought up and educated together with his elder brother - Grand Prince Nikolay Pavlovich (future Nicholas I). In 1819 virtually assumed directorate of the Artillery Department, in 1820 founded the Artillery School in St. Petersburg. From 1825 served as Chief of the 1st Guards Infantry Division. Took part in suppressing of the uprising on 14 December 1825, participated in the activities of the Investigative Commission on the Decembrists’ Case. In December 1825 was promoted to Inspector General of Engineering Troops. As Chief of the Guards Corps participated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-19 and the suppression of the Polish Insurrection of 1830-31. From 1831 was in command of the Guards Corps and Page Corps and All Land Cadet Corps as well as the Nobility Regiment. In 1844 Mikhail Pavlovich was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Guards and Grenadier Corps. Owned the Mikhailovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, in 1831 moved to Oranienbaum. Died in Warsaw, buried in St. Petersburg in the SS. Peter&Paul Cathedral.

References: Божерянов И. Н. Памяти великого князя Михаила Павловича (1798-1898) // Рус. старина. 1898. Т. 93, февр. С. 401-420; 14 декабря 1825 года: Воспоминания очевидцев. СПб., 1999.

A. D. Margolis.

Mikhail Pavlovich, Grand Prince
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