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Grivtsova Lane

Categories / City Topography/Urban Network/Side Streets, Lanes

GRIVTSOVA LANE, running from the Moyka River Embankment to Sennaya Square. Starting in 1739, the lane was known as Malaya Sarskaya Street. From the 1770s to 1871, the section extending to the Ekaterininsky Canal was called Konny Lane, assuming the name Syrenkov Lane in the late 18th - early 19th centuries, when it became Demidovsky Lane. Starting in the 1770s, the lane's other section bore the name Demidov Lane, until in 1887, when this name came to refer to the whole lane. In 1952, the lane was renamed in honour of Hero of the Soviet Union A.I. Grivtsov (1914-44). The lane was laid in the first third of the 18th century. A.G. Demidov's house was built in 1757-59 (house No. 1, architect S.I. Chevakinsky; hence the previous name). In the 1830s, the English Assembly was located on the lane, then in the 1860s the German Assembly. In 1862, the St. Petersburg Conservatory opened in the building now occupied by the Electroradioavtomatika Joint-Stock Company. House No. 14-16 (1790-93, architect L. Rusca; 1839-40, architect А. А. Adamini) originally accommodated the State Loan Bank, and now houses the Institute for High-Precision Mechanics and Optics. The building of the Russian Geographical Society was constructed in 1907-09 (house No. 10, architect G.V. Baranovsky).

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G. Y. Nikitenko.

Adamini Agostino
Baranovsky Gavriil Vasilievich
Chevakinsky Savva Ivanovich
Demidov Alexander Grigorievich
Grivtsov Alexander Ivanovich
Rusca Luigi (Aloisy Ivanovich)

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Grivtsova Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 10
Grivtsova Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 16
Grivtsova Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 14
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city
Sennaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city

Жаров С. Переулок Гривцова // Блокнот агитатора, 1970

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