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Vladimirskaya Square

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VLADIMIRSKAYA SQUARE, in 1739 - Torgovaya Square, in 1923-50 - Nakhimsona Square after revolutionary S. M. Nakhimson (1885-1918). The square is bounded by Zagorodny Avenue, Vladimirsky Avenue, Kuznechny Lane, Kolokolnaya Street, and Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street. Houses are numbered in the same sequence as in Vladimirsky Avenue. The square was so named after the Church of Our Lady of Vladimir, which has existed since the 1860s. It was designed by the Commission for St. Petersburg Buildings in the 1740s. The square and streets around it were assigned for the Court Settlement - a settlement of court craftsmen and workers. The image of the square formed in the late 19th century. Vladimirskaya metro station was put into service in 1955, Dostoevskaya metro station in 1991. A monument to F. M. Dostoevsky by sculptors L. M. Kholin and P. P. Ignatyev, artist P. A. Ignatyev, and architect V. L. Spiridonov was opened not far from the square in Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street in 1997.

G. Y. Nikitenko.

Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich
Ignatyev Pavel Petrovich
Ignatyev Peter Alexandrovich
Kholina Lyubov Mikhailovna
Nakhimson Semen Mikhailovich
Spiridonov Vadim Leonardovich

Bolshaya Moskovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Kolokolnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Kuznechny Lane/Saint Petersburg, city
Vladimirskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Vladimirsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Zagorodny Avenue/Saint Petersburg, city
Дворцовая слобода

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