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Chkalovsky Avenue

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CHKALOVSKY AVENUE, between Krasnogo Kursanta Street and Karpovka River Embankment. The avenue was formed in the 18th century out of the length of Porkhovskaya Street, which ran as far as Bolshaya Raznochinnaya Street, and that of Geslerovsky Avenue (started from Bolshaya Raznochinnaya Street; in the first half of the 19th century it was called Zeleynaya Street, from 1871 to 1946 was known as Pesochny Lane). In 1952, the streets were finally merged into one thoroughfare which assumed the name Chkalovsky Avenue. The initial name, Geslerovsky Avenue, is associated with the name of a house-owner, Master of the Robe I. Gesler; the avenue owes its present-day appellation to pilot V.P. Chkalov, who used to live in house No. 21 in the adjacent Teryaeva Street, now called Vsevoloda Vishnevskogo Street. The most part of the buildings date back to the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries: house No. 5 (1909, architect P.P. Svetlitsky), house No. 12 which holds bathhouses with a swimming-pool (they were called Raznochinnye bathhouses or Geslerovskie bathhouses; the 1920s, 1934, architect A.I. Gegello, S.V. Vasilkovsky, engineer A.M. Efraimovich) and represents an interesting example of constructivism architecture, house No. 15-17, which is the Gorky Printing Yard printing house (1909-10, architect L.N. Benois), house No. 31 (1913, architect A.L. Lishnevsky) and house No. 50, formerly the Church of St. Alexis the Man of God (1910, architect G.D. Grimm; the church was rebuilt to accommodate an industrial building). Starting from 1903, the site of house No. 16 (rebuilt in 1908) was occupied by V. Nemetti Theatre, where such actors as P.N. Orlenev and M.V. Dalsky performed. Y.I. Perelman (1915-42), the author of many popular science books, lived in house No. 31. In 1997 Chkalovskaya Metro Station was launched at Chkalovsky Avenue.

References: Ефремов Г. Чкаловский проспект // БА. 1971. № 28. С. 41-48.

G. Y. Nikitenko.

Benois Leonty Nikolaevich
Chkalov Valery Pavlovich
Dalsky (Neelov) Mamont Viktorovich
Efraimovich A.M.
Gegello Alexander Ivanovich
Gorky Maxim (Alexey Maximovich Peshkov)
Grimm German Davidovich
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Nemetti (Linskaya-Nemetti ) Vera Alexandrovna
Orlenev (real name Orlov) Pavel Nikolaevich
Perelman Yakov Isidorovich
Svetlitsky Pavel Petrovich
Vasilkovsky Sergey Vladimirovich

Bolshaya Raznochinnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 12
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 5
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 16
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 50
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 15
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 31
Chkalovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Karpovka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city
Krasnogo Kursanta St./Saint Petersburg, city
Vsevoloda Vishnevskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 21

Ефремов Г. Чкаловский проспект // Блокнот агитатора, 1971

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