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Entries / Lukomsky G.K.(1884-1952), Artist, Ethnographer

Lukomsky G.K.(1884-1952), Artist, Ethnographer

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LUKOMSKY Georgy Kreskentievich (1884-1952) was a graphic artist, aquarellist, art critic, art historian. In 1900, he studied at the painting classes and drawing under Y. S. Goldblatt in St. Petersburg. In 1901-03, he studied at the Kazan School of Arts, in 1903-15 (intermittently), he was a student of the Department of Architecture of the Academy of Arts. Artistic tastes and interests of Lukomsky developed under the strong influence of the artists of the World of Art. In 1904-14, Lukomsky travelled in Europe and old Russian cities, he created a series of graphic and water-colour paintings having proved himself as a master of cityscapes. From 1909, he participated in art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. From 1908, he published articles about architecture, painting and applied art in the journals Starye Gody, Zodchy, Apollon etc.; he is the author of the books Old St. Petersburg (1916), Present-Day Petrograd (1917; both were republished in 2002 with commentaries by B. M. Kirikov) etc. In 1917, he was in charge of restoration work in Tsarskoe Selo. He lived at 5 Twenty-Second Line of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. He left for Kiev in 1918. He emigrated in 1921 and lived in Berlin. He lived in Paris from 1925, and Great Britain from 1940. He published the following books abroad: Andrea Palladio: Life and Creative Works (1927), History of the Russian Painting 1840-1940 (1945) etc. Graphic works by Lukomsky were purchased by many museums of Europe.

References: Кобак А. В., Северюхин Д. Я. Г. К. Лукомский: очерк жизни и творчества//Невский архив. Ист.-краевед. сб. СПб., 2003. [Вып.] 6. С. 528-554; Векслер А. Ф. Георгий Крескентьевич Лукомский // Топонимич. журн. 2002. № 1/2. С. 41-44.

A. F. Veksler.

Goldblat Yakov Semenovich
Kirikov Boris Mikhailovich
Lukomsky Georgy Kreskentievich

22nd Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 5

Северюхин Д. Я., Кобак А. В. Материалы к биографии Г. К. Лукомского // Анциферовские чтения: Материалы и тез. конф. Л., 1989
Векслер А. Ф. Георгий Крескентьевич Лукомский // Топонимич. журн., 2002

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