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Entries / Bloknot Agitatora (The Agitator's Notebook), journal

Bloknot Agitatora (The Agitator's Notebook), journal

Categories / Press. Mass Media/Periodical Press/Magazines

BLOKNOT AGITATORA (The Agitator's Notebook), a pocket size social-political journal, published by the Propaganda Department of the Leningrad regional and city party committees of the All-Union Communist Party(of Bolsheviks), from 1942 The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (in 1940-42 Bloknot v Pomoshch Dokladchiku i Besedchiku, was the journal's predecessor). Originally it operated as a thematic non-periodical publication, starting with 1946 it appeared twice a month, subsequently three times a month. The publication owes its popularity to the section City History Facts which appeared in the late 1950s, and published materials on St. Petersburg's revolutionary past, and later on the historic and ethnographic studies about city streets, gardens and parks, architectural monuments, biographies of architects, scholars et al. In 1987 the Bloknot Agitatora was rebranded as Dialog, enlarging the journal's format generally and increasing the size of the histororical and ethnographical section in particular. It engaged major specialists in the city history. In 1991 the publication was closed.

A. F. Veksler.

Publications on Regional Ethnography (entry)

PUBLICATIONS ON REGIONAL ETHNOGRAPHY include books and articles devoted to one or another district or territory. Foreigners who visited the city from the 1710s were the first to publish information about St. Petersburg. The work by А. I