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Peterburgsky Sport Concert Complex

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PETERBURGSKY SPORT CONCERT COMPLEX (8 Yury Gagarin Avenue). One of the biggest sport complex structures in the country. Built in 1980 (architects I.M. Chaiko, N.V. Baranov, F.N. Yakovlev, engineer L.V. Yakhontov), it was originally named in honour of Vladimir Lenin (receiving its current name in 1993). Located in the central area of the Moskovsky Victory Park. The building was designed with a cylindrical frame foundation (with a diameter of 193 metres, and a height of 40 metres) and a two-story surrounding ring (width 15.5 metres, height 9 metres). The building's inner scheme is expressed on the facades; around the outside of the ring are 56 carrying-columns, on which rings are fixed, holding together the ceiling's steel structure (construction designers, A.P. Morozov, Y.A. Eliseev, and O.A. Kurbatov). Along the main entrance ramp, one can see reliefs depicting art, sport and various other cultural themes (sculptors V.L. Rybalko, G.K. Bagramyan, N.A. Gordievsky). The Hall, with 25,000 seats, can be transformed for various uses, depending on the nature of the event (football or hockey field; skating path with a length 333.3 metres and a width of 12 metres; concert or exhibition hall). The hall is supplied with two screens, both 33 x 18 metres. Since 1992, the Peterburgksy Sport Concert Complex has been St. Petersburg's biggest exhibition space.

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I. A. Bogdanov.

Bagramyan Gennady Karlovich
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Yakovlev Felix Nikolaevich

Yuri Gagarin Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 8

Толстихин П. Т. Дворец спорта и муз // Ленингр. панорама, 1983


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