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Palace for Young Creativity

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PALACE FOR YOUNG CREATIVITY (until 1990 - Leningrad City Pioneer Palace, to 1991 - Leningrad City Palace of Youth Creativity) (39 Nevsky Prospect), opened on 12.2.1937 in the former Anichkov Palace as a recreation and creativity centre for school aged children. It continued working during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. In 1940-80s up to 15,000 pioneers attended its classes and workshops. There were the following amateur talent groups: puppet theatres, theatres for youth creativity, ensembles of songs and dances (including a symphony orchestra, bayan-players orchestra, choir, dance band and elocutionists). The Palace conducts methodical work. The majority of classes and sections have been preserved and expanded. The Palace for Young Creativity comprises of a theatre-sport complex, games store and children sport schools. In 1969, the country Recreation Centre Zerkalny on the Karelian Isthmus was constructed; it possesses its own sailing vessel Yuny Baltiets. In 1986, the Carnival Theatre-Concert Hall was built at the Palace for Young Creativity, with seating for 800 (architects I.B. Noakh, N.M. Kulikova). In 1993 on the premises of the palace Youth Faculty of Petersburg University was opened. Pupils' reports are published in the annual Nasledniki Velikogo Goroda (Successors of the Great City) (published since 1991). For many years the Palace for Young Creativity has generated studies of local lore by school children. The Young Connoisseurs Club of the City Leningradets (currently Petropol) has been functioning since the 1970s. In December 1990, the movement Youths for the Revival of St. Petersburg was launched, since 1991 city local lore readings have been being held regularly.

Reference: Аксельрод В.И., Буланкова Л.П. Аничков дворец: Легенды и были. СПб., 1996. p. 124-149.

Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Kulikova Nina M.
Noakh Igor Borisovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 39

Аксельрод В. И., Буланкова Л. П. Аничков дворец - легенды и были. СПб., 1996

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Anichkov Palace

ANICHKOV PALACE (39 Nevsky Prospect), monument of Baroque architecture. Built in 1741-54 (architect M.G. Zemtsov, G.D. Dmitriev, F. Rastrelli) near Anichkov Bridge (hence the name)