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Mechanical Engineering Institute

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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE, St. Petersburg State Mechanical Engineering Institute, situated at 14 Polyustrovsky Avenue, the first national technical college and manufacturing plant. It was established in 1930 as the Technical College of the Leningrad Metal Works to provide training for industrial engineers. It received its current name in 1990. Studies are combined with practical classes at the works; students of the institute receive both a scholarship and a salary. Studies take three years and ten months (in case of accelerated training) to five years and ten months, both full-time and part-time study are possible. The institute had the following departments in 2003: blanking process automation, technology, turbine engineering, economics, and nuclear power engineering, the latter situated in the town of Kolpino. Engineering and economics are provided for any vocation. The institute also has preparatory courses and postgraduate studies. Entrants are given a vocational guidance course. Workers of power engineering enterprises have better chances of be enrolled and are also guaranteed a job after graduating.

Reference: Зубов Ю. М. Первый в стране // Пром-сть сегодня. 1995. № 4. С. 16.

А. P. Kupaygorodskaya.

Polyustrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 14

Зубов Ю. М. Первый в стране // Пром-сть сегодня, 1995

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