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Entries / Muravyev A.N. (1806-1874), theological writer

Muravyev A.N. (1806-1874), theological writer

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Categories / Religion. Church/Personalia

MURAVYEV Andrey Nikolaevich (1806-74), spiritual writer, playwright and poet, honorary member of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1832), chamberlain (1836). He received a home education. From 1823 to 1827, he served in the army and demonstrated some talent as a poet and playwright. In the late 1820s - early 1830s he travelled in the Middle East and brought back two sculptures of ancient Egyptian sphinxes in 1832-34, they were set up on the quay in front of the building of the Academy of Arts (architect K.A. Ton). From the early 1830s, Muravyev lived in St. Petersburg and worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1833-42, he assumed the post of the Secretary of the Chief Procurator of the Holy Synod. From 1845, he held the post of the director of St. Petersburg Trustee Committee for Prisons. From the 1830s, he dedicated himself to religious issues, publishing his notes of his journeys through holy places of Palestine, Europe and Russia, and writing on church history and theology. He also assembled a book entitled Hagiography of a Russian church..., Vol. 1-12, 1855-59. Muravyev's book entitled A Journey through Holy Places of Russia, 1836 (8th edition, parts 1 and 2, 1905) enjoyed wide popularity. Muravyev was an apologist of Patristic Orthodoxy and had a profound effect on church and social life. He was on the staff of Moscow and Kiev Theological Academies (1871). Muravyev collected a substantial quantity of Russian icons and other relics. From 1854, he lived at the Holy Trinity Metochion (44 Fontanka River Embankment) where a circle of his associates gathered (his visitors included Count A.S. Norov, Count D.A. Tolstoy and others). From 1858 onwards, he lived in Kiev and visited St. Petersburg in the summer. Some works of Muravyev were reprinted in the 1990s.

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V. V. Antonov.

Muravyev Alexander Mikhailovich
Norov Avraam Sergeevich
Tolstoy Dmitry Andreevich, Count
Ton Konstantin Andreevich

Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 44

Хохлова Н. А. Андрей Николаевич Муравьев - литератор. СПб., 2001

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