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Entries / Rochefort N.I. de (1846-1905), architect

Rochefort N.I. de (1846-1905), architect

Categories / Architecture/Personalia

ROCHEFORT NIKOLAY IVANOVICH DE (1846-1905, St. Petersburg), count, an engineer and an architect. A descendant of French immigrants. Graduated from Nikolaevskoye Engineering School of St. Petersburg (1866), from 1868 - an engineer-architect conducted the construction of railways and highways. From 1889, an architect of Peterhof stone factory. Architectural theorist, author of scientific and reference works, editor of Zodchy journal (1878-1881). His main work was the Belovezhsky Imperial Palace (1889-1894, not preserved); in its decor for the first time in Russian architecture features of the Art Nouveau appeared. In St. Petersburg, he reconstructed the Palace of Grand Princess Xenia Alexandrovna (1895, 106 Moika River Embankment), erected the Palms Conservatory of the Botanical Garden (1896-1899; now 2 Prof. Popova Street, in cooperation with I.S. Kitner) and the chemistry laboratory of the Mining Institute (1900-1901; 4 Twenty-First Line of Vasilievsky Island, in cooperation with A. I. Dietrich). He was buried in the Nikolskoe Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. See also the article on K. N. Rochefort.

B. М. Kirikov.

Dietrich Adam Iosifovich
Rochefort Nikolay Ivanovich de, Count
Xenia Alexandrovna, Grand Princess

21st Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 106
Professora Popova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 2

Шоденей С. де, Анисимова Е. Е., Тарханова Е. М. Архитекторы Николай и Константин де Рошфор: Новые материалы из архивов России и Франции // Европа-Петербург: Изучение, реставрация и реновация памятников архитектуры: Материалы междунар. конф. СПб., 1997

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