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Entries / Shchyuko V.A. (1878-1939), architect

Shchyuko V.A. (1878-1939), architect

Categories / Architecture/Personalia

SHCHYUKO Vladimir Alexeevich (1878-1939), architect and set designer, associate academy member of architecture (1911). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1904). In the design of K.V. Makarov's apartment houses ( 63 and 65 Kamenoostrovsky Avenue, 1909-11) creatively revised the techniques of the Italian Renaissance. The Memorial hall of the Academy of Fine Arts library is dominated by the motives of the Russian Neoclassicism (17 University Embankment, 1914). Designed the setting and costumes for the performances of the Starinny Theatre (seasons of 1907/08 and 1911/12), for the Bolshoy Drama Theatre plays and other theatres of Petrograd-Leningrad (1918-28). All of his architectural projects, created within the period of the 1920s-30s were done jointly with V. G. Gelfreich: Smolny Palace Propylaea (1923-24) and the Parterre-Garden (1923-34), monuments to V.I. Lenin in front of Smolny (1927, sculptor V.V. Kozlov), and by the Finland Railway Station (1926, sculptor S.A. Yevseev). In the design of the Bolshevik plant V.I. Lenin House of Culture; he employed Constructivist forms (223 Obukhovskoy Oborony Avenue, 1927-29). Shchyuko's late period was marked by revision of Neoclassicism: the buildings of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station and substations (1924-26, 16 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Avenue; 6 Lenina Street; 34 Thirteenth Line of Vasilievsky Island). In 1918-29, he was professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1910s, lived at 65 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue (memorial plaque), in 1923-34, at No.13 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue, from 1934, he resided in Moscow.

Reference: Славина Т. А. Владимир Щуко. Л., 1978.

B. М. Kirikov.

Evseev Sergey Alexandrovich
Gelfreich Vladimir Georgievich
Kozlov Gavriil Ignatievich
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
Markov Konstantin Vasilievich
Shchuko Vladimir Alexeevich

13th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 34
Bolshoy Sampsonievsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 16
Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 65
Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 63
Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 13
Lenina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 6
Obukhovskoy Oborony Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 223
Universitetskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

Славина Т.А. Владимир Щуко. Л., 1978

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