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Entries / Cameron C. (1745-1812), architect.

Cameron C. (1745-1812), architect.

Categories / Architecture/Personalia
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CAMERON Charles (1745-1812, St. Petersburg), architect, representative of Neoclassicism. Native of Scotland, he studied in France under the guidance of his father, later under the architect I. Uer, then in Italy. Since 1779, he worked in St. Petersburg as a court architect of the Empress Catherine II, and in the same year became the architect for Pavlovsk, and from 1780, of Tsarskoe Selo. He retired in 1796. From 1802, he was the chief architect of the Admiralty Collegium; developed projects of numerous naval installations in St. Petersburg. Retired in 1805. Cameron had the unique style whose main features were exclusive overall harmony and decorative finesse, especially apparent in the interiors designed by him. The most important works of Cameron in St. Petersburg suburbs are in Tsarskoe Selo, the Agate Rooms Pavilion (1780-85) with Cold Bath Houses, the Cameron Gallery (1783-86, the ramp was made in 1793). At that time Cameron, designed the front apartments and private rooms of Catherine II in the Grand palace; he built the Chinese Village, St. Sofia Cathedral and buildings in the town of Sofia; in Pavlovsk he developed the general plan of the ensemble, constructed the palace, the Church of Friendship, the Monument to Parents, Colonnade of Apollo, Pavilion of Three Graces and other park pavilions (1780-1801). Of Cameron's St. Petersburg addresses, worth mentioning is the Greenhouse Pavilion in Tsarskoe Selo, where he lived during his creative prime, as well as Mikhailovsky Castle, where he resided in his later years.

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Cameron Charles
Catherine II, Empress
Uer I.

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