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Entries / Zakharyina N.M., (1927-1995), architect.

Zakharyina N.M., (1927-1995), architect.

Categories / Architecture/Personalia

ZAKHARYINA Natalia Mikhailovna (1927, Leningrad - 1995, St. Petersburg), architect, artist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1949). Among her projects of the 1960s were the music school on Moiseenko Street, the Crematorium (12 Shafirovsky Avenue; in collaboration with A. S. Konstantinov and D.S. Goldgor, 1965-73), the residential block on Sedova Street (1964-69). She was in charge of the workshop on urban planning of Pushkin (residential buildings, the House for Science Veterans, the Advanced Military Engineering College, the House of Architecture Veterans, 1969-87), Zelenogorsk (trade centre, residential block, sanatorium, 1979-85), Sestroretsk (the residential complex, restaurant, 1973-84). Her works are characterized by sharpness, variety of images, expressiveness and compositional completeness.

Reference: Архитектор Наталья Михайловна Захарьина: Кат. работ. М., 1988.

В. Г. Исаченко.

Goldgor David Semenovich
Konstantinov Alexander Sergeevich
Zakharyina Natalia Mikhailovna

Moiseenko St./Saint Petersburg, city
Sedova St./Saint Petersburg, city
Shafirovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 12

Архитектор Наталья Михаловна Захарьина: Кат. работ. М., 1988

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