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Nikolsky Bridges

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NIKOLSKY BRIDGES, two bridges by St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral (hence the name) Novo-Nikolsky bridge over Griboedova Canal, links Nikolskaya Square with Myasnikova Street. In 1835-37, a wrought iron tubbing bridge on rough-hewn stone abutments with a granite finish was constructed here, which collapsed on 8 October 1837 due to degradation in the abutment. In 1841, its deck was replaced with an arched boiler iron construction with riveted joints. After 1880, the bridge was rebuilt as a three-span beam bridge on timber piers. The present bridge was built in 1933-34 (engineer М.I. Zhdanov, А.V. Kozlova, architect I.G. Kaptsyug, consultant professor G.P. Peredery) with a ferroconcrete hingeless vault. The piers are faced with granite. Length: 30.2 metres, width: 22.2 metres. Staro-Nikolsky Bridge, over Kryukov Canal, on Sadovaya Street was built around 1784-86 as a typical three-span construction with rough-hewn stone piers and granite facing. It had timber decks, with a central opening span. In 1906, the bridge was extended, the timber beams were replaced with metal three-span solid ones with a curvilinear outline below the girdle (engineers А.P. Pshenitsky, K.V. Efimyev, V.A. Bers). The railings installed in 1842 have survived. In 1988, the waterproofing was replaced, the diabase pavement was likewise replaced with a bituminous concrete one. In 1994-95, the cornices, the sidewalk cantilevers and the beam deck framing were repaired. Length: 28 metres, width: 20.2 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. М. Kozlovskaya.

Bers Vyacheslav Andreevich
Efimyev K.V.
Kaptsyug Ivan Georgievich
Kozlova A.V.
Peredery Grigory Petrovich
Pshenitsky Andrey (Andrzej) Petrovich
Zhdanov M.I.

Nikolskaya Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Nikolsky Lane/Saint Petersburg, city
Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

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BRIDGES, an integral part of the urban planning structure and architectural appearance of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the city numbered 342 bridges of various kinds and types; in Kronstadt: 5 bridges, Pushkin: 54 bridges, Petrodvorets: 51 bridges

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