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Zeleny Bridge

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

ZELENY BRIDGE (originally Petrovsky (Peter) Bridge, in 1735-68 Zeleny (green) Bridge, for its colour; in 1768-1918 Politseisky (police), in 1918-98 Narodny (people's), over the Moika River, on Nevsky Prospect. From 1716, there was a timber hoist bridge, in the late 18th century it was rebuilt as a timber three-span beam bridge on stone piers. In 1806, it was completely rebuilt (architect V.I. Hastie, consultant F.P. De Wollant). The span is arched with a cast-iron segmental fixed-vault; the rough-hewn stone piers are faced with granite. In 1842, the sidewalks were placed on brackets (engineer А.D. Gotman). In 1904-07, the bridge was reconstructed and extended by adding new tubbings and turning the vault into a double-hinged one (engineers V.А. Bers, А.L. Stanovoy, А.P. Pshenitsky). In 1908, lanterns were installed (architect L.А. Ilyin). In 1951 and 1967, the architectural decor was restored (architect А.L. Rotach). Length: approximately 39.8 m, width: 38.5 m.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaia.

Bers Vyacheslav Andreevich
De Wollant Franz Pavlovich
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Hastie Vasily Ivanovich (William)
Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich
Pshenitsky Andrey (Andrzej) Petrovich
Rotach Alexander Lukich
Stanovoi A.L.

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city


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BRIDGES, an integral part of the urban planning structure and architectural appearance of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the city numbered 342 bridges of various kinds and types; in Kronstadt: 5 bridges, Pushkin: 54 bridges, Petrodvorets: 51 bridges

Hastie V.I. (1753-1832), architect.

Hastie Vasily Ivanovich (William) (1753-1832), architect. Native of Switzerland, in 1784 he came to Russia by invitation of C. Cameron, settling in Tsarskoye Selo on Angliiskaya Street

Ilyin L.A. (1880-1942), architect.

ILYIN Lev Alexandrovich (1880-1942), architect, Fellow of the Academy of architecture of the USSR (as of 1941). He studied at the College of Civil Engineers (1897-1909) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (1903-04). He was a member of the Old St


PAVEMENTS have been built in St. Petersburg since the early 18th century. The first pavements were made of boards, later various paving materials were applied, including planks, cobblestones, asphalt, woodblocks, granite, metal, road metal (pebbles)