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Elagin Bridges

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ELAGIN BRIDGES, three bridges on the Elagin Island, with a spanning structure consisting of metal girders resting on concrete abutments and timber metal trestle piers. The First and the Second Elagin bridges - over the Srednaya Neva River, link Elagin and Krestovsky Islands, the Third spans the Bolshaya Nevka River, links Elagin Island with the Primorsky Avenue. From 1817, there was a floating bridge where the First Elagin Bridge currently stands, in around 1831 it was replaced with a nine-span timber nogging frame bridge (engineer А.I. Malte, and possibly P.P. Bazen). In 1908, it was replaced with a double-winged opening span. The present nine-span bridge was built in 1951-52 (engineer V.V. Blazhevich). It has a single-wing opening span, while another two operate as navigational openings. The length is 107.9 m, width: 11.5 m. The Second Еlagin Bridge is situated in alignment with Ryukhina Street. From 1821, there was a floating bridge here as well. In 1852 an eleven-span timber girder bridge with a central opening span, pivoting from two wings. From 1948-50, metal girdles were laid, state-of-the-art piers were installed at the opening span (engineer V.V. Blazhevich). In 1990, it became an exclusively pedestrian bridge, the timber piers were replaced with reinforced concrete ones, and the sheeting of the opening span piers was restored (engineer Z. G. Vasilyeva). The length is 141.9 metres, width: 14.5 metres. From 1826 there was a pontoon bridge where now the Third Elagin Bridge stands; in 1840 - the floating bridge was replaced with a timber nine-span canti-lever bridge with a navigation channel. The present eight-span bridge was built in 1950-51 (engineer V.V. Demchenko, V.V. Blazhevich); it opens from only one wing. Length: 95.5 m, width: approximately 11.5 m. In 1975-76 the Second and the Third Elagin bridges were fitted with reinforced concrete decking, coupled with metal beams; in 1981, the mechanisms for the raising of the spans were repaired.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaia.

Bazen Peter Petrovich
Blazhevich V.V.
Demchenko V.V.
Malte A.I.
Vasilyeva Z.G.

Primorsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

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