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Tuchkov Buyan

Categories / City Topography/Geographical Objects/Islands
Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Public Buildings and Edifices

TUCHKOV BUYAN (1a Bolshoy Avenue of the Petrogradskaya Side), an architectural monument in the style of Early Classicism, consisting of a set of hemp storehouses, which include three stone structures. It was built in 1763-72 on a small cognominal island (see Buyany) by architect А. Rinaldi, military engineer М. А. Dedenev, and project supervisor and military engineer А. А. Dyakov, and stood as a strong example of an artistically expressive utilitarian construction. The facades are rusticated and decorated with pilaster-strips. The structure is laid out in sections, with columns in the centre serving as posts for the arches and domes of the intersecting vaults. The canal separating the Tuchkov Buyan from Gorodskoy Island was filled in the early 20th century. In 1931-35, the buildings were partly redesigned and rebuilt inside, while retaining significance as an element of the M. Neva River panorama.

V. G. Isachenko.

Dedenev Mikhail Alexeevich
Dyakov A.A.
Rinaldi Antonio

Bolshoy Ave of Petrograskaya Storona/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1, litera л. А