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Moskovsky Park of Victory

Categories / City Topography/Green Areas/Parks

MOSKOVSKY PARK OF VICTORY (188 Moskovsky Avenue) is located in the south of St. Petersburg, between Moskovsky Avenue and Gagarin Avenue. A project of a district Park of Culture and Recreation, the park was created on the location of open pits of the brickworks in 1939-40 (architect T. B. Dubyago). The brickworks were used as a crematorium during the siege 1941-44. The park was laid out on 7 October 1945 and opened on 7 July 1946. It connects the features of regular and landscape planning (architects E. A. Katonin, V. D. Kirkhoglani). The total area of the park is 68 hectares. The Alley of Heroes with bronze busts of the St. Petersburg-Leningrad locals, Two-Time Heroes of the Soviet Union (7) and of Socialist Labour (12) starts from the propylaeum of the main entrance. There are 10 ponds, a fountain, numerous sculptures, pavilions and attractions on the territory of the park. The monument to Marshal G. K. Zhukov was opened in 1995 (sculptor Y. Y. Neiman, architect F. A. Gepner). The granite memorial portico devoted to the victims of the siege was also opened in 1995 (architect E. F. Shapovalova). The park is linked in its artistic composition with the impressive Sport-concert Complex Peterburgsky. The metro station Park Pobedy is located in the southern part of the park, which was opened in 1961.

Reference: Сады и парки Ленинграда. Л., 1981. С. 160-170.

Y. M. Piryutko.

Dubyago Tatyana Borisovna
Gepner Filipp Aronovich
Katonin Evgeny Ivanovich
Kirkhoglani Valerian Dmitrievich
Neiman Yan Yanovich
Shapovalova Elena Fedorovna
Zhukov Georgy Konstantinovich

Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Moskovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 188
Yuri Gagarin Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

Сады и парки Ленинграда. Л., 1981

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