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Shuvalov Palace

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Palaces

SHUVALOV PALACE (25 Italyanskaya Street), a monument of Baroque architecture (1749-55, architect S.I. Chevakinsky), the private residence of Count I.I. Shuvalov. The facade of the main three-storied block, facing Italyanskaya Street, is marked by a perch with columns, joining it to the courtyard side is a semicircular “circumference”, and from the side of Nevsky Prospect, the residence is bounded by an secondary wing. Only the entrance hall, dressing and fragments of the facade tiling have been preserved. M.V. Lomonosov, A.P. Sumarokov, A.P. Losenko, F.S. Rokotov, V.I. Bazhenov, etc. visited the Shuvalov Palace. Initially, the Academy of Fine Arts classes founded with the participation of Shuvalov in 1757 were held there, and a picture gallery was placed there. After Shuvalov's departure abroad, the palace changed hands many times. In the 1770s, it was reconstructed for Chief Prosecutor of the Senate, Prince A.A. Vyazemsky, who received G.R. Derzhavin, I.I. Dmitriev, N.A. Lvov, etc. there. In 1802-1917, the Shuvalov Palace belonged to the Department of Justice, a lot of reconstruction was done on it, new blocks in the yard and from the side of Malaya Sadovaya Street (1844, architect F.I. Braun; 1846-52, architect D.E. Efimov; the 1900s) were built. Since 1919, the palace housed the Museum of Hygiene and the House of Sanitary Education.

Reference: Пирютко Ю. М. По Малой Садовой: путь через три столетия. СПб., 2003.

Y. M. Piryutko.

Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich
Brown Friedrich
Chevakinsky Savva Ivanovich
Derzhavin Gavriil Romanovich
Dmitriev Ivan Ivanovich
Efimov Dmitry Egorovich
Lomonosov Mikhail Vasilievich
Losenko Anton Pavlovich
Lvov Nikolay Alexandrovich
Rokotov Fedor Stepanovich
Shuvalov Ivan Ivanovich, Count
Sumarokov Alexander Petrovich
Vyazemsky Alexander Alexeevich, Duke

Italyanskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city, house 25
Malaya Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

Пирютко Ю. М. По Малой Садовой: путь через три столетия. СПб., 2003

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Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice
Museum of Hygiene


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DECORATIVE MONUMENTAL SCULPTURE. The art of monumental sculpture dates back to the time of Peter the Great; its first examples appeared throughout St. Petersburg, at the Summer Garden and various suburb residences

Museum of Hygiene

MUSEUM OF HYGIENE of the Medical Prophylaxis Centre of the Committee for Health Protection of the Administration of St. Petersburg (25 Italianskaya Street) was established in 1919 as the Museum of Health Protection

Sadovaya Street, Malaya

SADOVAYA STREET, MALAYA, between Italyanskaya Street and Nevsky Prospect (the shortest street of St. Petersburg, its length is 179 metres). It was built in the second half of the 18th century

Shuvalov I.I. (1727-1797), statesman

SHUVALOV Ivan Ivanovich (1727-1797, St Petersburg), count, statesman, Adjutant-General (1760), Chief Chamberlain. Member of the Conference of the Supreme Court