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Society of Architects, Petersburg

Categories / Architecture/Urban Planning/Art and Literary Associations

SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS St. Petersburg, a creative association. Originated from the circle of capital architects and civil engineers, established in 1862 on the initiative of the V.A. Schreter. Initially, the circle consisted of Academy of Science students and graduates, who were later joined by a number of architects from the School of Construction. On 20 October 1870, the charter was approved; the architect A.I. Rezanov was elected chairman, D. I. Grimm (see the Grimms), R.B. Bernhard, E.I. Gibert and Schreter were appointed foremen. I.S. Kitner remained a vice-chairman in 1887-1905, and in 1905-17 was chairman. In 1901, the society established the Association for the Mutual Aid of Architects and Painters. The press organ was Zodchy, in 1876-1902 as a supplement to it the Nedelya Stroitelya Sunday paper was issued. The society took part in architectural construction exhibitions, arranged annual architectural contests and organized the First, Third and Fourth All-Russian Congress of Architects, held in St. Petersburg. At the meetings they discussed reports on urgent questions of theory and practice of architecture, celebrated architects' jubilees. The society ceased to exist after October 1917. The meetings were held at 40 Fontanka River Embankment, 18 Ofitserskaya Street (today Dekabristov Street), in Third Company Street (today 5 third Krasnoarmeiskaya Street).

References: Максимов А. П. Материалы к истории двадцатипятилетней деятельности Спб общества архитекторов. СПб., 1895; Николаева Т. И. Виктор Шретер. Л., 1991. С. 167-201; Заварихин С. П. Санкт-Петербургское Общество архитекторов: (к 125-летию основания) // Петербургские чтения-96. СПб., 1996. С. 205-208.

O. A. Chekanova.

Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich
Gibert Ernest Ivanovich
Grimm David Ivanovich
Kitner Ieronim Sevastianovich
Rezanov Alexander Ivanovich
Schreter Viktor Alexandrovich

3d Krasnoarmeiskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 5
Dekabristov St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 18
Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 40

Заварихин С. П. Санкт-Петербургское Общество архитекторов: (к 125-летию основания) // Петербургские чтения-96. СПб., 1996
Николаева Т. И. Виктор Шретер. Л., 1991

The subject Index
Zodchiy (The Architect), journal


Benois N.L.(1813-1898), architect

Benois Nikolay Leontyevich (1813, St. Petersburg - 1898, at the same place), architect, artist (decorative arts), full State Advisor (1873). Coming from the family of French descendents. He was the farther of Albert N. Benois, L. N. Benois and A. N

Bonstedt L.L. (1822-1885), architect

BONSTEDT Lyubim Lyubimovich (Ludvig) (1822, St. Petersburg - 1885), architect, academy member (1846), professor of the Academy of Fine Arts (1858), court counsellor. He was a subject of the Kingdom of Bavaria

Bryullov A.P. (1798-1877), architect

BRYULLOV Alexander Pavlovich (1798 - 1877, St. Petersburg), architect, aquarellist, architecture theorist, specialist in construction technique. Brother of K. P. Bryullov

Grimm D.I., Grimm G.D., Grimm G.G., architects

GRIMMS, a dynasty of architects, theorists, art historians and teachers. David Ivanovich Grimm (1823, St. Petersburg - 1898), architect, representative of Eclecticism, master of the Russo-Byzantine style, historian of Caucasian Architecture

Kitner I.S., (1839-1929), architect

KITNER Ieronim Sevastyanovich (1839, St. Petersburg - 1929), architect, member of the Academy of Architecture (1867), honorary member of Academy of Fine Arts (1911)

Krakau A.I. (1817-1888), architect

KRAKAU Georg Alexander (Alexander Ivanovich) (1817-1888), architect, representative of the Academic School, one of the most influential experts on eclecticism. In 1826-39, he studied at the Academy of Arts

Rezanov, А.I. (1817-1887), architect

REZANOV, Alexander Ivanovich (1817 – 1887), architect, artist. Graduated from the Academy of Arts (1839), associate academy member (1850), professor (1852), Rector of the Academy of Arts. First chairman of the St

Schreter V. A. , (1839-1901), architect

SCHRETER Viktor Alexandrovich (1839-1901), architect, lecturer, representative of the transitional rationalistic style from Eclecticism to Art Nouveau. In 1856-58, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of L.L