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Main Architecture Planning Office

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MAIN ARCHITECTURE PLANNING OFFICE of Leningrad city council executive committee (2 Lomonosova Square), the chief organization of the city administration on architectural, construction, urban planning issues, and the development of St. Petersburg, suburbs, and the territory of the protective greenbelt. It was formed in 1925, as the Department of planning at Community Facilities Office of Leningrad council (the chief architect L.A. Ilyin), in 1931-43, Architecture Planning Office (APO), in 1968-88, the head Architecture Planning Office. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, the Leningrad Project Institute was a part of the APO; in 1942, a special group for the restoration and further development of Leningrad was created. The main task of the Office was to implement the General Plan of Leningrad development and quality improvement of architecture and new constructions. In 1988, the head Architecture Planning Office was liquidated and its functions were given to the Main Lenglavarkhitektura (Head Architectural Office of Leningrad); today called Glavarkhitektura (Head Architectural Office).

V. G. Isachenko.

Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich

Lomonosova Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 2