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Sestroretsk, town

Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Towns within Greater St. Petersburg

SESTRORETSK, formerly a town; since 1998, a municipal unit, the centre of the Kurortny District, located in the resort area on the Gulf of Finland's northern coast. As of 2001, the population totaled 32,200 inhabitants. The town originated in 1721 with the construction of the Armoury, which was set in operation in January 1724 (today the Sestroretsky Tool Plant). Upon completion of the Sestra River Dam intended for industrial purposes, large reservoir called Sestroretsky Razliv was formed. During the Russo-Swedish War of 1741-43, fortifications were constructed along Sestroretsk. The Primorskaya Railway, completed in 1894 turned Sestroretsk into a major holiday resort along the entire Gulf of Finland coastline. In 1898, the Primorskaya Railway Joint-Stock Society founded Sestroretsky Kurort (Sesroretsk Resorts), the first health resort in northwestern Russia, built in the forest park on the Gulf coast. In 1918-40, the state boundary with Finland ran 2 kilometres north of the town. Present day Sestroretsk encompasses the localities of Gorskaya, Alexandrovskaya, Tarkhovka, Razliv, Kurort, and Dyuny. The major thruway is Primorskoe Highway, which crosses into the Scandinavian Federal Route. Residential areas emerged in Sestroretsk around the 1960-80s. Sestroretsk also includes private houses and summer cottage communities. There are a number of recreational facilities along the Sestroretsk Health Resort, and the Dyuny Vacation and Resort Home. The town accommodates a tool plant, a bakery plant, and the Salyut Apparel Factory. Dubki Park, created by Peter the Great, is located on the cape, jutting into the Gulf. Monuments erected in Sestroretsk include one to Peter the Great (2000, sculptor V. A. Petrov, architect V. S. Vasilkovsky) and one to S. I. Mosin (2001, sculptor B. А. Petrov, architect А. G. Bakusov).

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Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

Bakusov Alexander Georgievich
Mosin Sergey Ivanovich
Peter I, Emperor
Petrov Boris Anatolievich
Petrov Vasily Alexandrovich
Petrov Vasily Alexandrovich

Sestroretsk, town

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