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Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Historical Districts, Localities, Tracts, Municipal Establishments

YABLONOVKA, an area close to Ladozhskaya metro station, on the right bank of the Okkervil River. Since 1817, it was known as Bolshaya Yablonka village (since 1831 - Bolshaya Yablonovka). Malaya Yablonovka village was located about 1 km up-stream. Since the early 20th century, there has been Viktoria Oil and Roofing Felt Factory. In 1913, a junction railway line was built across Yablonovka and the passing-track of the same name appeared (later - Dacha Dolgorukova freight railway station). In the 1930s, vegetable and berry sovkhoz (state farm) with residential blocks of flats (13 Utkin Avenue) was formed to the east of Yablonovka. In 1978, Zanevsky Avenue was built across Yablonovka. In 1985, Ladozhskaya metro station was opened. By the middle of the 1990s, the historical architecture of Yablonovka had been almost lost. Today there is large trade area, the building of the Central Bank, an industrial zone and storage facilities on this territory. The place name can be traced in the names of Malaya Yablonovskaya Street and Bolshaya Yablonovskaya Street and bridges across the Okkervil River.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P.Y. Yudin.

Bolshaya Yablonovka/Saint Petersburg, city
Malaya Yablonovka/Saint Petersburg, city
Utkin Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 13
Zanevsky Avenue/Saint Petersburg, city