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Alexandrovskoe, region

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ALEXANDROVSKOE, an area to the south-east of St. Petersburg, confined by Zaporozhskaya Street, Moskovskaya Line of Oktyabrskaya Railway, Alexandrovskoy Fermy Avenue, Novo-Alexandrovskaya Street and the Neva River. Encompasses the area of Troitskoe Field and the territory of former villages Vengerka and Petrushkino. The place-name originates from the village of the same name. Since the late 18th century, it developed as an industrial area. In 1817, the Imperial Card Factory (today Colour Printing Industrial Complex) was founded there, in 1863 - Obukhovsky Steelworks (today Obukhovsky Plant), in 1932 - Voroshilov Machine Building Plant (today Zvezda Plant). In the early 1960s, residential construction was undertaken. On the territory of Alexandrovskoe, there is a Jewish cemetery and the Holy Trinity Church (see The Easter Cake).

Е. А. Bondarchuk

Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich

Alexandrovskoy Fermy Passage/Saint Petersburg, city Александровское
Novo-Alexandrovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city Александровское
Zaporozhskaya Street/Saint Petersburg, city

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