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Udelny Park

Categories / City Topography/Green Areas/Parks

UDELNY PARK is located between Engelsa Avenue, Udelny Avenue, Bogatyrsky Avenue, Ispytateley Avenue, Kolomyazhsky Avenue and Akkuratova Street. From the 1930s until the beginning of the 1990s, it was called the Chelyuskintsev Memorial Park. The total area of the park is 153.4 hectares. It was laid out in 1832 as a forest dacha of Udelny Agricultural College. It became a park in 1875. Udelny Park was included in the structure of educational and experimental forestries of the Forestry Institute (today the Forestry Engineering Academy) after 1917. In 1930, a forest section from the side of Engelsa Avenue was added to the park. Udelny Park was replanned in the 1930s. Udelny Park suffered in the time of the Great Patriotic War 1941-45. The territory was improved in post-war years. Roads were repaired and the maintenance of the drainage system was improved. Trees and bushes were planted in the park. Udelny Park is located on two terraces, which are in turn divided by a plateau with a height of five-six metres. Picturesque ravines break up the terrace, with streams flowing along them. There are vast glades under the bench. Natural stands of birch and black alder with a a few aspens, mountain ash and bird cherry tree prevail on the lower (litterina) terrace, where old pines and solitary firs can be found. The lower part of the park is waterlogged here and there. Birch prevails on the higher terrace. There are many plantations of pine, larch with the occasional old tree with a diameter exceeding one metre, lindens, oaks, ashes, elms etc. There are several sport complexes on the higher terrace in the northern part of the park. An overgrown pond is also located here. The part of the park siding with Engelsa Avenue has regular planning with flower beds and playgrounds.

G. А. Isachenko.

Akkuratova St./Saint Petersburg, city
Bogatyrsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Engelsa Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Ispytateley Avenue/Saint Petersburg, city
Kolomyazhsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Udelny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

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