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Tavrichesky Garden

Categories / City Topography/Green Areas/Gardens, Orchards

TAVRICHESKY GARDEN is a landscape architectural monument located between Shpalernaya Street, Tavricheskaya Street, Kirochnaya Street and Potemkinskaya Street. The total area consists of 21.1 hectares. The garden was laid out in 1783-1800 during the construction of the Taurida Palace on the flat terrace, formed during the time of the Littorina Sea. Two ponds of irregular shape were made here and were initially filled with water from Ligovsky Canal. The garden was designed by landscape architect W. Guld. There are two islands located on the big pond. Promenade Hills were made from the soil taken out in the course of making the ponds. In 1866, Tavrichesky Garden was opened for visitors. In the 1930s, Tavrichesky Garden was renamed the First Five-Year Plan Memorial Park. It was called Children's City Park in 1956. The garden suffered serious damage from the flood of 1924 and the siege of Leningrad. The monument to pioneers-heroes was opened in Tavrichesky Garden in 1962 (sculptors I. N. Kostyukhin, V. S. Novikov, architects A. I. Alymov, F. A. Gepner). The monument to P. I. Tchaikovsky was opened in 1990 (sculptor B. A. Plenkin). The monument to S. A. Esenin were opened in 1995 (sculptor A. S. Charkin, architects F. K. Romanovsky, S. L. Mikhailov). Old trees have survived mainly along the boundaries of Tavrichesky Garden: oaks prevail, larches, lindens are also to be found. Open sections alternate with post-war plantations of trees and bushes in the central part of the park (oak, linden, ash, birch etc.).

References: Занан Л. А. Городской детский парк // Сады и парки Ленинграда. Л., 1981. С. 99-111.

G. А. Isachenko.

Alymov Alexander Ivanovich
Charkin Albert Serafimovich
Esenin Sergey Alexandrovich
Gepner Filipp Aronovich
Guld William
Kostyukhin Ivan Nikolaevich
Mikhaylov Sergey Leonidovich
Novikov Viktor Sergeevich
Plenkin Boris Alexeevich
Romanovsky Felix Karlovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich

Kirochnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Potemkinskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Shpalernaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Tavricheskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Tavrichesky Garden/Saint Petersburg, city

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