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Petrogradsky Island

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PETROGRADSKY ISLAND situated between the Neva River, Kronverksky Strait, Malaya Neva River, Zhdanovka River, Malaya Nevka River, Karpovka River, and Bolshaya Nevka River. It is 635 hectares in area, 4.2 kilometres long, and 2.5 kilometres wide. It is the third largest island in St. Petersburg after Kotlin and Vasilievsky Island. It was called Koivusaari translated as Birch Island from Finnish until the early 18th century. Fomin Island is another name known from the 14th century. The island was named after a governor of Novgorod. First occupied by a large Russian settlement, the island was then built up by Finnish and Swedish farms in the 17th century. After the foundation of St. Petersburg, the island was renamed as Gorodskoy Island, Troitsky Island, and Peterburgsky Island or Sankt-Peterburgsky Island from 1725. It received its present-day name after St. Petersburg was renamed as Petrograd in 1914. It is included in Petrogradskaya Side together with Zayachy Island, Aptekarsky Island, and Petrovsky Island. It is linked to the Central District via Troitsky Bridge, to Vasilievsky Island via Birzhevoy Bridge and Tuchkov Bridge, to Petrovsky Island via Maly Petrovsky Bridge, to Krestovsky Island via Lazarevsky Bridge and Bolshoy Krestovsky Bridge, and to Vyborgskaya Side via Sampsonievsky Bridge and Grenadersky Bridge. There are seven bridges thrown over the Karpovka River: Molodezhny Bridge, Barochny Bridge, Karpovsky Bridge, Geslerovsky Bridge, Silin Bridge, Petropavlovsky Bridge, and Aptekarsky Bridge. The main roads are Kamennoostrovsky Avenue, Bolshoy Avenue of Petrogradskaya Side, and Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

Bolshaya Pushkarskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Bolshoy Ave of Petrograskaya Storona/Saint Petersburg, city
Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city