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Matisov Island

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MATISOV ISLAND situated between the Bolshaya Neva River, Moika River, and Pryazhka River. It is 26 hectares in area, 700 metres long, and 500 metres wide. In the early 18th century, it was called Kalasaari translated as Sloping Island from Finnish. The present-day name originated in the late 18th century from Matisova Village that, in its turn, was named after Finnish miller Matias (Matis) who advised Tsar Peter the Great of actions taken by Swedish troops during the Northern War. In gratitude, Peter the Great granted him a writ of protection within the boundaries of the island. Stores of victuals were built in the island in 1730s. Salnobuyansky Canal was dug through in the south in 1804 to separate lard warehouses from the island. After the riverbed of the Pryazhka was buried in the south in 1930s, Salnobuyansky Canal became the south border of Matisov Island and received the name of the Pryazhka River. The west of the island was redeveloped at the same time in order to expand industrial enterprises. Today, there is a site of Admiralteyskie Verfi Company, Foil Rolling Plant, St. Nicholas Mental Hospital, hostels of the University of Railways, etc. There are three bridges thrown over the Pryazhka River: Banny Bridge aligned with Dekabristov Island, Berdov Bridge, and Matisov Bridge.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

Matias (Matis)
Peter I, Emperor

Dekabristov St./Saint Petersburg, city

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