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Aptekarsky Island

Categories / City Topography/Geographical Objects/Islands

APTEKARSKY ISLAND, (Apothecary Island), situated in the estuary of the Neva River between the Karpovka River separating it from Petrogradsky Island, Malaya Nevka River, and Bolshaya Nevka River. It is 198 hectares in area, 2.7 kilometres long and 1.1 kilometre wide. The island had the name of Korpisaari until the 18th century, which originated from the Izhorian-Finnish "korpi" translated as backwoods. It received its present-day name after the Apothecary Garden founded in 1714 (today, Botanical Garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences) with Aptekarskaya Sloboda (Settlement) built around. The island was a place of public resort in the early 19th century. An industrial area in the late 19th-early 20th century, it was simultaneously built up with apartment houses and public enterprises. Today, there are such enterprises as Krasnogvardeets, Lenpoligrafmash, Elektrik, Rigel Battery Works, etc. on the island. There is also the Electro-technical University, the Youth House, the St. Petersburg Committee for State Statistics, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Television Centre, Druzhba Hotel, and a number of research institutes. Among historical and cultural monuments are the Convent of St. John of Rila situated at 45 Karpovka River Embankment, the first residential house of Leningrad Soviet situated at 13 Literatorov Street, and Lopukhin Garden. Aptekarsky Island is connected with Kamenny (Stone) Island via Kamennoostrovsky Bridge and with Vyborgskaya Side via Kantemirovsky Bridge and Grenadersky Bridge. There are seven bridges built over the Karpovka River: Molodezhny, Barochny, Karpovsky, Geslerovsky, Silin, Petropavlovsky, and Aptekarsky. The arterial roads are Kamennoostrovsky Avenue, Medikov Avenue, and Professora Popova Street.

Reference: Грибанов В. П., Лурье Л. Я. Аптекарский остров. Л., 1988.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 45
Karpovka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 45
Literatorov St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 13
Medikov Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Professora Popova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 13

Лурье Л. Я., Грибанов В. П. Аптекарский остров. Л., 1988

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