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Entries / Sestroretsky Razliv, lake

Sestroretsky Razliv, lake

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SESTRORETSKY RAZLIV is an artificial reservoir in the region of the city of Sestroretsk. It was built during the construction of the armory (see Sestroretsk Toolmaker) by putting up culverts on the Sestra River (hence, the name) 2 km below the Chernaya River mouth. The main culvert (150 meters long and 12 meters wide, reconstructed in 1859-63 by engineer K.F. Hausmann; renovated in 1985) rose water level by 9 meters and created Sestroretsky Razliv. The factory sluice dike provides water supply to the factory to meet its industrial and technical (including power) needs. It was a main dike until 1803, when water inrush of Sestroresky Razliv overflow had necessitated the construction of another dam. Sesroretsky Razliv covers the area of about 12 km2. It is 1.5-2 meters deep. It has a triangular shape with the maximum length of 5 km and width of 4 km. Its level is 8 meters higher than that of the Gulf of Finland. The length of its coastal line is 21.5 km. Razliv is silted up turning into low eutrophic swamp and requires constant cleaning. Meter measures of the 1980-90s show that the mouth of the Sestra River is moving towards Sestroretsky Razliv with the average speed of 40 meters a year. The mouth part of the Chernaya River is also growing. Besides, the Sestroretsk Razliv shows the formation of new flat islands which lessen its water area. Northern and eastern banks are becoming rushing. Several small rivers and streams are flowing into the Razliv. It is streaming in the Gulf of Finland through sluices of the Vodoslivnoy Canal (4.5 kilometres long) which drains into the Gulf of Finland in the area of Sestroretsk dunes next to Dubki park (the Gagarin Canal) and through the Zavodskoy Canal or the former bed of the Maly Sestra River (almost of the same length) flowing in the Gulf of Finland to the north of Kurort. The coastal line of Sestroretsky Razliv is a recreational zone and an area for summer cottages construction. Many health centres and holiday homes are located on its western and southern coasts (the treatment uses mineral waters and muds discovered in the northern part of Razliv). Vladimir Lenin and Grigory Zinoviev were hiding from arrest in the south-western coast of Razliv (the monument "Shalash" (the Hut) was constructed in 1927, architect Alexander Gegello). The late Stone Age sites were discovered at the coast of Sestroretsky Razliv.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

Gegello Alexander Ivanovich
Hausmann K.F.
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
Zinovyev Grigory Evseevich

Sestroretsky Razliv Lake/Sestroretsk, town

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