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Chernaya Rechka River

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CHERNAYA RECHKA, a river in the north-west of St. Petersburg. The name dates back to 1748. The river is a tributary of the Bolshaya Nevka River. Originally it sprang from Lake Dolgoe and flowed into the Bolshaya Nevka from the right, 200 metres above the mouth of the Malaya Nevka. The present-day head of the river is situated about a kilometre south-eastward of Komendantskaya Square. The river is 5.3 kilometres long, with the width in the lower reaches varying from 20 metres to 25 metres and with a depth ranging from 1 metre to 3 metres. The average flow rate of the Chernaya River approximates 100 litres per second. The upper reaches of the Chernaya River are situated in the area of large-scale residential building area of Komendantsky Aerodrome. The middle course of the river crosses an industrial estate, whereas the lower stream of the river flows through Novaya Derevnya. The lower reaches of the Chernaya River are well-developed; in the 1960s, they were faced with granite below the Kolomyazhsky Bridge, along the direction of the avenue bearing the same name. Both banks are well developed along the length of the river between the Kolomyazhsky Bridge and the Chernorechensky Bridge (in the alignment with Torzhkovskaya Street); downstream, only left banks of the river have embankments. Stroganovsky Garden faces the right side of the Chernaya River. Lanskoy Bridge spans the river in the alignment with Lanskoe Freeway. Golovinsky Bridge was placed across the mouth of the river following the route of Ushakovskaya Embankment. Some distance away from the Chernaya River, near Novaya Derevnya Railway Station, there is a public garden with an obelisk, set on the supposed place of the tragic duel between Alexaner Pushkin and Georges d'Anthes. The river gave name to Chernaya Rechka Metro Station.

Y. P. Seliverstov.

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